Next up: MyHelmet part of ROOTS lab

Masterly, Milaan design week 2024

studioMOM will be part of ROOTS, an exhibition of Dutch biobased and circular Art&Design, during Milan design week 2024. You can find MyHelmet in the Roots lab, next to work from Diana Scherer, Ori Orisun, Claudy Jongstra and more at the Palazzo Giureconsulti.

‘We don't just show beauty; we bring a tangible, sensory experience that connects you with the urgent message we convey about the ecocide taking place on our Dutch soil. We show alternatives, emphasize reuse, waste reduction and applaud companies that are leading the way in the field of sustainability.’ – Simone van Es, curator Roots.

Interested to know more? Check ROOTS Foundation.

WHEN: April 16-21, 2024⁠
WHERE: Palazzo Giureconsulti, Milano

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